What happened here????

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What happened here????

Postby VW_DIFEDE » Wed May 26, 2021 1:49 pm

Dude. I remember this club winning best club representation at a freaking air-cooled show.... They were all pissed. :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

Now I scroll down 5 posts in club chat and I'm at a post from 2019 (that will now be 6 posts down)

I'm an old timer from 2008 to 2010 era for those of you new folks.

What's going on here? Is the club dead? I get the there was a pandemic and we weren't supposed to go outside (though that didn't stop some of us) but I would imagine that due to a lack of in person contact that the forum would have gotten even busier. But instead it looks like the forum got covid and died too.

What killed the group? Social media? The $10 monthly fee I've seen something about? I just don't understand?
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Re: What happened here????

Postby The Don » Sun Aug 29, 2021 8:58 pm

We have moved over to Facebook.
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